How soon after doing a Modified Pay-Off, Short Sale, Foreclosure, Deed-in-Lieu can I buy a home, again? Watch our newest video and see…

Platinum Elite and our contributors through Neighborhood Home Rescue Program answer the tough questions with real answers in our newest video release, “Moving Forward with Lending!” Taken from our Workshop that is geared towards educating homeowners that are faced with or have faced a Distressed circumstance and want to know how soon they can truly be back in the home purchasing market.  This video covers Highlights from our Distressed Homeowner Option Video with one of our Contributors, Dave Cooper a Mortgage Consultant with Shelter Mortgage Company.  In the re-cap of the options Dave Cooper explains the lending process and the credit ramifications from these various options and what lenders are looking for when a homeowner is preparing to re-purchase or is ready to purchase. Watch and learn from one of many of our Neighborhood Home Rescue Contributors.

We believe in the education of our clients as to all of the options available to them, by doing so, we have found the Homeowner to be able to make the healthiest decisions for themselves and their family while reaching for the best possible outcome. The information we and our network of consultants | contributors provide is at no cost and | or no advance fee consultations.  We can assist you in knowing which is your best option in relation to your real estate needs and we look forward to helping you get the assistance you need to maneuver through this unprecedented Market.  Please contact any Platinum Elite Associate by clicking our HomePage, E-mail us at, or call us at 702-869-9999.

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