Why are Banks more likely to do a Short Sale now, than before? Let Platinum Elite Group explain why…

All the indicators are out there that the Real Estate Market is doing better. However, a number of Homeowners are still Underwater and need assistance.  In addition to this we have a 6 to 1 Ratio of Shadow Inventory to REO’s according to a recent Article published by DS NewsPlatinum Elite Group is aware that the recent rise in Homeowner Appreciation is not just expected, it is anticipated, however, basic economics tells us that this is dictated by supply and demand.  The Institutional REIT‘s that have been competing with the general public with our short supply have artificially pushed these prices up faster than anticipated.  We agree prices will go up and continue to go up through 2014 to 2017 with tapering anticipated during this same time frame.  This is an opportunity for Distressed Homeowners that have attempted to either do a Loan Modification | Short Sale | SSLB – Short Sale Lease Back | Bankruptcy or any type of workout with their lender, that same lender may be more motivated to do a workout at this point as their inherent losses have been diminished with the most recent spike in Real Estate Single Family Resident Appreciation in most metropolitan areas.  Watch this Video and determine if Short Sale with a full deficiency waiver is a viable option for you or family?

We believe in the education of our clients as to all of the options available to them, by doing so, we have found the Homeowner to be able to make the healthiest decisions for themselves and their family while reaching for the best possible outcome. The information we and our network of consultants | contributors provide is at no cost and | or no advance fee consultations.  We can assist you in knowing which is your best option in relation to your real estate needs and we look forward to helping you get the assistance you need to maneuver through this unprecedented Market.  Please contact any Platinum Elite Associate by clicking our HomePage, E-mail us at Info@PlatinumElite.com, or call us at 702-869-9999.

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