@HousingWire | Economic Growth needs Securitization? Did this not cause the last Bubble?!

Securitization Machine!

Securitization Machine!

‪#‎MondayMorningCupofCoffee‬ by HousingWire | Did you know, For‪#‎Economic‬ ‪#‎Growth‬ we need more securitization?! Are you asking yourself, what is Securitization? Definition: “Securitization is the process of taking an illiquid asset, or group of assets, and through financial engineering, transforming them into a security. A typical example of securitization is a mortgage-backed security (MBS), which is a type of asset-backed security that is secured by a collection of mortgages.” The Article by

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@HousingWire | What needs to Happen for New Housing to completely Rebound?

de-guigne-exteriorGood Morning from The Platinum Elite Group and HousingWire! See what needs to happen to truly boost New #Home Sales:
1. Less move-up housing
2. More luxury housing
3. More retiree housing
4. More entry-level housing, but not yet
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Zombie “Foreclosures” as Reported by CNNMoney.com

English: Foreclosure auction 2007

Zombie foreclosures: Borrowers hit with debts that won’t die

By Les Christie @CNNMoney February 22, 2013: 1:04 PM ET

Les Christie @ CNNMoney touches on a subject that Donald Lainer covers in his Neighborhood Home Rescue Workshops.  This Article is important as Homeowners do not realize that a Deed-in-Lieu or Foreclosure can come back to Haunt them like a “Zombie” if the bank sinks a great deal of money into the property for repairs or losses and determines to forward those costs onto the past Homeowner via a 1099 Filing for “Earned Income.”  You can see a Sample of Don’s Neighborhood Home Rescue Workshops on our Youtube Channel as well as other “Featured Videos.”  We will be releasing Chapters from Donald Lainer’s Neighborhood Home Rescue via Youtube that cover subjects like;

  • The Las Vegas Market & How did we get here
  • Distressed Homeowner Options
  • Short Sale Options and Benefits
  • Foreclosure | Mediation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Credit Ramifications
  • Moving Forward with Lending Options
  • Estate Planning & how to protect your assets

Featured Guest Speakers & Professionals in each of these areas of practice cover their “No Cost Fee & No Advance Fee” Programs through the Neighborhood Home Rescue Resource Network.  For these video chapter release notifications and reserve a seat at future events RSVP to Events@PlatinumElite.com or call us at 702-869-9999.