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Bio on Donald Lainer’s “Platinum Elite Group”


 “A Workaholic”, that’s how Don Lainer’s friends would describe him, says Prudential Realtor Patricia Paulsen.

Originally from the Bay Area, and venturing to Las Vegas, in October 1989 and with zero to start with, Don began as a client of Prudential working with “no money down” & “no bank qualifying residential programs” by utilizing the “Portfolio Management Guideline” that Prudential’s Broker/Managers had to offer. What may have begun as a fun hobby in residential sales developed into multiple real estate and commercial ventures by July 2002, where Don decided to no longer be the client and become a licensed Realtor with Prudential’s Brokerage. Initially focused on the educational advantages that Prudential offers in the market, and in addition, taking advantage of the monthly coaching opportunities, Don has tapped into his roots by developing creative buyer programs that teach buyers how to keep more dollars in their pocket, while using little to no money down programs, thereby “Helping Clients make wise decisions”. Don believes that utilizing a Real Estate Portfolio Management Program will help anyone from a first time home buyer to the savvy investor develop the opportunity to build multiple transactions from their initial purchase. “Teaching buyers and sellers how to have their portfolio work for them, rather then them working hard to afford their portfolio”, is his motto.

“My current mindset is that there are unlimited opportunities in Real Estate. The key is working with Prudential’s business & marketing resources, knowing the right people, inventory, and being aggressive”.

Don’s Real Estate dealings to date additionally include; Relocation Agents contracted to handle Condo & Hotel.com buyer relocation referrals, Site unseen by client Buyer’s Agents for equity driven investors with unlimited transaction authorization, Land, Luxury Homes, Business Opportunities, Residential, Retail, Condo, New Developer Construction in and outside sales, Real Estate Auctions, Bank REOs, Short Pre-foreclosure Sales, Office Buildings, Commercial, Residential and Commercial Lease, Condo Conversions, Hotel / Condo Resorts, Bulk Sales, In house and out side High Rise, Mid. Rise, and Low Rise developer condo sales, which consist of project tracking. Additionally, I maintain a variety of relationships with sales teams throughout the valley to receive the best opportunities and service incentives while isolating the client’s parameters to meet their buying and selling needs.

In May of 2004, after multiple shared transactions and an overflow of business, it only seemed natural that Don would launch one of the most synergistic teams of associates in Real Estate today! Additionally recognized for their “BestRideHome first time buyer and investor’s tour concept”, this group and Don’s latest venture “PlatinumElite.com” are of the few premier real estate professional teams in the Las Vegas market, with Don acting as the hands on operating principal for a group consisting of an administrative backbone currently of five, and upwards of 30+ agents to be actively on board. (More than doubling in size and volume each year and continually achieving Office Leader & 1st Place Sales awards.)

“It’s just a function of our group working harder than everyone else while doing a better job.  When you apply both of these concepts more often, you’re bound to be more successful. I’ve found that who you bring into your team is the key to success. Also, providing a strong internal core support structure, with strong systems in place, is conducive to a successful environment, and will provide outstanding services for not only our associates, but also our Clients. Additional crucial elements are, sharing a similar work ethic, values and agreeing upon goals.  All are necessary essentials for the team to succeed”.

“Our group’s attitude is that it’s all about the client and has never been about the number of closed transactions. Our team’s goal is to always provide ‘Outstanding Client Service’, settling for nothing less than ‘Exceptional Client Results’, while achieving the ‘Best Client Services’ in the market. Everyone tries to put the team ahead of themselves.  Members are genuinely there to help each other whenever needed”.

“What’s really important to our clients is receiving a consistently high-level of service and superior end results, regardless of whether they work with one member of our team or all of us. I think what motivates us most in this business is that we like to interact and be with people. We have built a reputation in the area for being a team that people can trust to handle their real estate needs, making every effort to keep our clients up to date with what is happening throughout their transaction. Always being available to our clients, while ensuring our service, continues past the close of a deal”.

“Hard work and perseverance are a means to achieving any goal; you have to pay your dues. This proved to be a tremendous foundation for what our group has accomplished to this point”.

With over 80 percent of their business coming from referrals and past clients, and all of the teams financial targets met after going on four years together, it’s clear that the team has been able to overcome challenges in building themselves into a successful business while continuing to “BUILD A TEAM FOR LIFE!”

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